Dampack has her own production facility in Germany where materials like PS, PP, APET (RPET), PLA and PVC are being processed.
With a machine park of over 18 thermoforming machines, we are able to produce quickly, accurately and flexible. We can also provide the products with a print or label. In addition to thermoforming, we also have injection moulding facilities, which includes printing and InMould Labeling possibilities. For more information, call us!

Unique Assortment

Dampack has a unique, wide range of articles which can be delivered mostly from stock.
This enables us to fully deliver your complete packaging needs and Just-In-Time.
Whether you are looking for a packaging for the Take-Away market or you want an industrial packaging for your production lines, Dampack is the partner you are looking for.
For more information, call us! For more information, call us!

Innovative and MVO

Dampack realizes that you have to be innovative all the time. This is why we are keen to constantly search for improvements.
Within our existing range there are many expansion options available and daily we are working on new custom-made items. Often the ideas arise by anticipating with the customer about the packaging issues we encounter in the market. One of our best-known innovations is the BeeMagic Tray which we won the “Gouden Noot Innovation Contest”.


A very important part that distinguishes us is the amount of knowledge our employees have.
Of course, price, quality and performance are of great importance, but you only can make the right choices when you have balanced all the pros and cons.
Our account managers will be happy to inform you about the possibilities.
For more information, call us! For more information, call us! For more information, call us!

Dampack International

Dampack International BV is a prominent producer and supplier of plastic packaging within Europe. Our family company with an experience of over 35 years can be described as a specialist in a wide area of thin-walled packaging for the food sector. Our enthusiastic and international team supports our many customers quickly and accurately in dealing with the daily problems associated within the packaging field. In addition to the standard program, the line also includes a series of exclusive products.

The assortment has been developed with the customers by anticipating the specific demands of consumers. In cooperation with leading European manufacturers, a unique combination has been formed which resulted in an unique delivery program. Dampack is currently participating in an extensive plan for the production of various disposables. A series of Dampack moulds is placed with the most professional producers and furthermore we keep investing in our own production facilities situated in The Netherlands, The Middle East and Germany, which give the client a secure feeling in regard to price, delivery times and performance.


The consumer increasingly demands an environmentally friendly solution. Dampack International has succeeded in developing a new patented innovative tray which meets the packaging guidelines of the EFSA  [European Food Safety Authority].

Traditional absorbers are no longer used for our BeeMagicTray for MAP [Modified Atmosphere Packaging], which enables us to issue a DOC [declaration of compliance] for our BeeMagicTray.

The BeeMagic Tray uses a monoperforated film placed above the capillary honeycomb structure base. This structure base is most efficient for moisture absorption. The perforated film ensures less moisture loss since no absorption materials are used which have a suction effect on the packaged product.

Thanks to the perforated film, the gas mixture also comes into direct contact with the underside of, for example the packaged product. This also creates optimal gas distribution, which inhibits the growth of bacteria and has a positive effect on the shelf life, resulting in a considerably better bacterial count on the expiry date. There is also less pigmentation of the packaged product. In addition, through the perforated support film, no imprint of the base structure is visible in the packaged product.  The packaged product is separated from its moisture, resulting in reduced acidification. The entire concept is 100% mono, making it fully recyclable, unlike the tray with absorber which has to be separated independently.